Friday, July 29, 2016


Lordi's career and the 10th anniversary of the 2006 Eurovision song contest win is collected together in a special exhibition in Helsinki's Jätkäsaari, at Weird Antiques, the coolest antique shop in town (more about them at the bottom of this post).
Here you can see their Eurovision trophy and props used in Athens as well as their masks and outfits over the years, original paintings for record sleeves by Mr Lordi, more props and stuff used on their various tours and performances. It gives you a funny feeling to stare at his hats and the props, seen in action in Athens and painted in one's memory with an everlasting mark. Magic!
 The Finland hat worn by Mr Lordi in Athens and Awa's mask in Athens
 The Eurovision 2006 glass trophy! Broken by Finnair who refused to have it in the cabin and it had to be cargoed home. Shame shame on you!
The Lappish four winds hat worn by Mr Lordi in Athens
 Mr Lordi's wings for Hard rock hallelujah
 The firework scepter used in for Hard rock hallelujah
The duck masks used by Lordi, when not in Lordi masks,  and the whole Finnish delegation and crew in Athens to fool the press and the fans :-)
Go and check out the ExtraLORDInary at Weird Antiques if in Helsinki. The exhibition is open until August 13. And check out the shop after the job. There's all sort of wonderful things, including music!


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