Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Tomorrow, Wednesday July 20, 2016 the battle of the cities will start big time. In a live broadcast of the public work meeting hosted and co-produced by Tim Miroshnychenko that will air from 17.30 CET on radio and television as well as here and on Youtube, possibly with an English commentator.
The six candidate cities - Kiev, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Kherson and Odessa - will present their bids, in most cases by their mayors, and press, experts and viewers may comment and participate in the process. Live links will be taken to the cities in question and all sort of things like that. 
When Kiev hosted the Eurovision song contest 2005 following Ruslana's win in Istanbul, it was the only option. In 12 years Ukraine has grown and developed, and hosted various international big scale events over the years and thus has more to choose from. 
But the fun won't end with this broadcast. The Ukrainian Eurovision 2017 project will continue its open and public work with live broadcasts from the decision making in coming days. and their aim is to make the Eurovision 2017 something the whole nation and the host city's inhabitants all can share and be part of. Not only the two weeks of the contest and EuroVillage, but from here to all the way to May 2017. A fan zone that involves the whole country, with high profile events along the way leading us to the climax that is the Eurovision weeks on spot. Sounds ambitious and interesting.....
UPDATE: After following the battle with half eye I must sadly say Lviv and Odessa failed to deliver, Kherson was a total joke and in the end Dnipro emerged as the one to challenge Kiev, who's bid wasn't all that convincing either but can make it work. Kharkiv could also surprise, maybe. Unlike promised before the top-2 will be announced only on Friday. 

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