Sunday, April 08, 2018


These past two months the Eurovision 2018 artists have all been visiting Portugal filming their postcards for the show. This blogger thinks its a wonderful idea and the way it shoud always be! The idea itself isn't anything new, but usually the filming has taken place during the Eurovision stay, this time they have had a couple of days to do it all around Portugal and hopefully it shows!
Above Italian Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro having a break in Porto.
 Lea Sirk blowing in the wind
 Mélovin and a view
 Netta observing something....
 Oh, ok! 
 Rasmussen in Lisbon
 Rasmussen and his team with the magic door
 Balkanika girls from Serbia
 Serbian team by the bridge
 SuRie and some surReal tapestry
 Zibbz with the door
 Alekseev and the classic tourist pose
 Equinox having a good time
 Zhana of Equinox. And those tiles!
 César and his arc of triumph
 Elina playing Juliet?
 Franka doing her crazy face
 Jessica being amazed by the tiles. 50.000 of them in this murales by Andre Savaira
 Have I told how much I love the Portuguese tiles?
 The other Jessika and natural wonders of Madeira
Oh, it's Lea again! Version touristique.
 Lucky Michael Schulte had summery weather and beach time
As did Ryan O'S. 

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