Monday, April 30, 2018


Switzerland - ZiBBZ - Stones
Off to the bridge we go again and she joins in drumming (think Elitsa & Stoyan) after she's been running around the catwalk and the bridges and climbing over his drumset. Energetic for sure. And Coco's sporting some urban cowboy look and they use torches at one point to empower the shout out moment. Another pre-rehearsals non qualifier joining the game now? Hmmm...

"Good vocal", "Good energy", "Not enough attitude", "Aggressive", "Rebellious", "Sexy"

Ireland- Ryan O'Shaughnessy - Together
The lamp post is there, the bench as well (we're only missing une rue)  as are the guys dancing in the streets in the video. Sadly they seem to be only distracting by some reviewers, and some lament the piano lady gets too much air time, too. And it snows when the guys come dancing and holding hands from the bridge. Should they focus only on Ryan with his guitar who hits all the falsetto - and not only - notes and looks calm and assuring? How will the not so open minded east and south take on this? One of the finest songs this year however no doubt. Another not so sure qualifier a step closer to making it....

"Confident", "Professional", "Simple and pure", "Messy"
Cyprus - Eleni Foureira - Fuego

Eleni and her four backing dancers and a lot of HAIR! Hair everywhere! She wears a colorful skintight catsuit. Press center apparently watched in awe and started talking top-5. Hmm...  Another close up start, add lasers and balls of fire. And Eleni even handled the vocals. or someone did. 

"Wow", "Sexy", "Contemporary", "Amazing", "Incredible good"

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