Monday, April 30, 2018


Greece - Yianna Terzi - Oniro mou
Yianna looks like a Greek goddess in her white dress that flows in the wind (aka windmachine).  She's the second artist after Croatia's Franka to be alone on stage. One hand is painted blue (henna?) and symbolizes the Greek sea and skies. Something Finns can relate as well with our blue and white and their symbolism. Apparently there will be some augmented reality effects on screen as well as they promised some surprises and the screens in press center were turned down. 

"Intense", "Passionate", "Powerfull", "Traditional", "Safe and not challenging"

Finland - Saara Aalto - Monsters
Oh dear. Who was expecting something really new and innotative - like this blogger - is disappointed. One starts to question how good this Friedman guy really is as all we see in this revamped Monsters staging is recycled ideas and gimmicks from other acts they have done, starting from Dominö's wheel (that is the best thing of all of them anyways) and Queens's waterfall to other stunts they already did in X Factor UK, like that dropping down back first in the end. it looks like Madonna would have performed in MTV Music awards circa 1992. The backing singers sound screamy as does Saara when she gets all worked up. Shee doesn't come across likable but rather angry and aggressive - forget the Disney princess - and what's it with the military uniforms of the dancers? Did soe´meone even mention the N word?
Sigh. You can take the girl out of the countryside but not the coutryside out of the girl, or how do they say? Totally impersonal lacking any innovation or idea.

"Vogue revival", "From circus to Cirque de Soleil", "Strong vocals", "Futuristic and fabulous", "Dynamite", "Cold", "Dark", "Cheap"

Armenia - Sevak Khanagyan - Qami
Keep it simple. Sevak is alone on stage, surrounded by pillars that make a circle around him. It's all about him and his voice. And a qami machine. Press center apparently wasn't impressed. Various camera angles were tried to make it work but maybe fans wanting Saara-eesque circus think it's too little. How about sitting back and enjoying a good song for a change? Oh yes, milleium kids concentration lasts about 30 seconds.... they neeed fireworks and acrobatics.  I forgot. Sorry. 

"Intense", "Powerful", "Exceptional vocals", "Boring"

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