Sunday, April 08, 2018


Brazilian bossanova-tropicalia-folk rock legend Caetano Veloso will join the list of already impressive guest stars in the coming Eurovision song contest 2018 in Lisbon such as fado legends Mariza and Ana Moura. He will be performing with the reigning champion Salvador Sobral. 
Veloso (75) along with his sister Maria Bethania (who this blogger saw live in Lisbon a long time ago and fell in love with) and Gilberto Gil are among the best known Brazilian musicians globally, and have shaped the Brazilian music as we know it today. He has won ten Grammys and Latin Grammys and countless other awards and released 34 studio albums since 1967 as well as 17 live albums and countless compilations. I'm loving how RTP is showcasing the Portuguese languagee culture and giving us the best of it. Next I expect Ronaldo will be announced as the one starts the final voting....
(Eurovision link here: Italy's Franco Battiato borrowed the refrain to his Cuccurucucu in his 1981 album and having one of his biggest hits with it)

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