Monday, April 30, 2018


The rest of the semi-final one acts rehearse today for the first time, including Finland.

Macedonia - Eye Cue - Lost and found
Macedonia takes lead from their music video and they have a drummer and three backing singers on stage, while Marija interacts with all them with or without Bojan. Fucsia minidress for her. Another close up start apparently, and another let's walk to the stairs for the finale. Judging the comments it seems they did it all right and vocally fine. Looking good for them then. Maybe. This song is musically such a mess one needs time to digest it and an average televoter doesn't have it. But isn't that dress a bit too short....?

"Sultry", "Cool beats", "Great chemistry", "Unfinished", "Not instant"

Croatia - Franka - Crazy
Another close up start? Franka is wearing a black lace dress looking like a real diva taking a full advantage of wind machines. smoke and did we see a tear? This time the staging doesn't take lead of the music video (phew... let Saara Aalto do that...) Simple and effective in close ups but she apparently disappears in the longer shots, so maybe they should fix that? They seem to underline the jazz vibe of the song and some describe also this one a sultry one after Macedonia. Guys are in for a treat then! Not exactly a qualifier before this but now some are saying Croatia is back in the game and might qualify for the final. Which only mean this semi-final was hard to start with but is just getting harder! 

"Not standing out yet", "Impressive", "Confident",  "Looks and sounds terrific", "Atmospheric", "Great lighting effects", "Mysterious"

Austria - César Sampson - Nobody but you
Another face close up start! He's got a rising platform that lowers him down to stage with lights and dry ice that have been described UFO like effect, and later the lights make him angelic. Also tricks with lights showing only his head at one point apparently in the dark. Go figure. This said it's also said it all works. He's wearing some leather/rubber shirt with baggy pants that might be fashionable but it's a question of taste. He's also featured in large on screen image at one point that looks great it is said by some and unneceessary by others. Backing singers did various things in various takes so apparently they aren't ready with the performance yet and are trying different things. Vocally on point and it seems César is delivering having been maybe a little indolent in the promo events....

"Akward", "Futuristic", "Mysterious", "Flawless vocals"

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