Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Estonia - Elina Nechayeva - La forza
Elina (26) was hosting Eesti laul semifinal last year and returned this year as a singer and won. This classically trained soprano has been to several talent shows before but only now finally won something. She sings La forza in Italian as opera singers do. The problem is the lyrics don't make any sense, they are mainly just phrases stolen from various operas glued together. If they had thrown in words like pizza, spaghetti and pasta no one hardly would notice nor would it make any difference to the sense of it all. This is this year's fan wank and I find it just rather annoying. Any interest I had vanished in 2-3 listenings. But then again most televoters will hear this for the first time and be fooled. This should be this year's shock non qualifier.... When people are more interested in the dress than the rest, we have a problem. The song actually works better as dance mix, because it gives you an illusion there might have been a proper song to start with....  5/10

Portugal - Cláudia Pascoal - O jardim
Cláudia (22) became the main favorite in the Portuguese selection after Diogo Picarra withdraw with this song written by Isaura (28) who will be on stage with her singing a part of the song with her, yet remaining uncredited. Why? Every other song these days seems to have featuring. Why not this? Cláudia has done Idols (twice) and X Factor and Voice. But only know she managed to conquer both juries and televoters. Portugal is hosting the show and therefor can take a risk. The song differs from the rest being very atmospheric and needs to be heard with concentration or you might just dismiss it and forget it before it's over. And there's the problem. I like it when I listen to it but five minutees later I don't remember it. The televiewers might have the same problem, those who actually stick around their tv-screens to listen to it instead of going to the loo or kitchen... 6/10

Greece - Yianna Terzi - Oniro mou
Yianna (37) is one of the most seasoned artists this year. She's a daughter of popular singer Paschalis Terzis, but her own career hasn't been much to talk about, at least as a recording artist. Two albums over ten years ago and then nothing but this said, she also moved to the States and worked as a talent scout for Intersope Records. Then came the Greek selection. After a lot of confusion she was the only finalist left when the Greek tv disqualified the other finalists (...) and here she is. And oh boy am I glad she is??? This takes straight back to the 90's Greece in Eurovision: fab songs with a lot of local elements, sung in Greek. This is a proud sequel to Cleopatra, Keti Garbi and Elina Konstantopoulou. It was about the time! One can only hope this will score well as it deserves it. Yet, we haven't seen or heard any real live performance so far....  9/10

Slovenia - Lea Sirk - Hlava ne!
Lea (28) is another artist that finally gets to Eurovision. This was her fourth try and like Christabelle and Jessika, this blogger thinks she finally get there with her worst entry. But this will be her third time on Eurovision stage as she has been a backing singer already twice: 2014 and 2016. She has released one album and a string of singles since 2007. Hvala, ne is a kind of song I never listen to it. The verses are annoying but I like the bridge and the rest but not the annoying repetitive hvala, ne bits.  ... I find this irritating even if she's good and thumbs up for singing this in Slovenian. But I know this kind of music is very popular some how, I'm still wondering why? 4/10

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