Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Norway - Alexander Rybak - That's how you write a song
Eurovision 2009 winner Alexander Rybak (31) returns with a self written That's how you write a song. that will also be the 1500th Eurovsion song when he opens the 2nd semifinal with it. He won the Norwegian selection as a minor surprise but very convincingly. The fans really didn't believe in his chances but when masses vote... what do fans know? This blogger liked the song from the start and it was one of my three favorites and his live performance took away any doubts. The song itself isn't anything special really, true, but he makes it work and it's very enjoyable and entertaining three minutes. Not a winner in Lisbon but I wouldn't be surprised if he does very well in the final, to the left side of the scoreboard for sure. 8/10
Albania - Eugent Bushpepa - Mall
Albania was the first to choose and now it feels already soooo long time ago when we first heard Mall. To compensate Eugent Bushpepa (33) released the Eurovision short version of the song as the last one making it a hot topic again in mid-March. Well done! I kinda liked the song in December, but soon forgot about it. Now I kinda like it when I hear it that is very rarely. Eugent sure can sing, but the song itself is rather mainstream standard pop rock without anything that would make it stand out. Thankfully they have kept it in Albanian, so an extra point for that. A borderline qualifier but I suspect he will watch the final, not participate in it. 3/10
Denmark - Rasmussen - Higher ground
Danish Rasmussen (33) has a concept song, a bit like Lordi, Verka, and it's always good to have something that people remember you for. The Vikings. I grew tired with Higher ground rather fast and after the initial wow effect it's gone to yawn. However it's worth remembering about 99% of the voters will hear and see the song for the first time and vote based on that. If he and his warriors nail it when it matters this sails to the final. They could also suffer a shipwreck just when they see the shore....That is if they stick to the national final performance theme - while he's been performing alone in his hoodie like any random hipster in various promo events it's been like looking a totally different thing.  6/10
The Netherlands - Waylon - Outlaw in'em

Waylon, another Eurovision returnee and 30something guy in this foursome (37). He already came 2nd with The Common Linnets so he surely wants to better it. But no, we aren't off to Amsterdam next year. I really liked the song the first time I heard it, and still do. A real energy booster and something else for the Eurovision. I believe he rocks himself to the final, and then... I have no idea! Hopefully to the left side of the scoreboard. Outlaw in'em is not a song I listen to a lot, but everytime I hear it I'm hooked. and jamming along. This sticks out in the line up wherever they place it in the final. A piece of America in Eurovision. In a good way. 8/10

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