Thursday, June 19, 2014


Happy news in Waldo's People. Karolina Kallio is expecting her first baby this summer. Iina Salin stepped into her place earlier this year and they have published a new video on Youtube today, You. And it sounds if time stood still. In a good way!
It seems they have working on new material, but for sure they are doing gigs and festivals again this summer! Tonight you can catch them in Kalajoki's midsummer festival and two more gigs over this Midsummer weekend that is chillier than ever. Beware of possible snow!
Check Out Waldo's back catalogue here.And their Eurovision 2009 bid here.
Oh and Iina? She took part in UMK 2013 with fabulous Last night. Unfortunately she didn't make it past semifinal but greatly deserved a final, me thinks!

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