Monday, June 16, 2014


Welcome to my hell is the name picked for Raphael Gualazzi's summer tour 2014. I'm sure he's offering rather heaven than hell for his fans and admires across Italy, France, Switzerland and Netherlands. He has been busy since his Eurovision 2011 with Madness of love and his surprise 2nd place for Italy's comeback to the contest. Since then he has released two gold and platinum selling albums and one EP, participated twice in Sanremo and has been publishing new videos and songs and most of all performing live. 
This year he took part in Sanremo with The Bloody Beetroots and songs Liberi o no and Tanto ci sei. Liberi o no was voted to the final where they placed second after Arisa. 
His summer tour starts from Verona on June 26 and ends (for now at least) September 20 in Montecatini. In between you can catch him in Amsterdam on June 30, in Lyon on July 24 and Auvernier Jazz Festival in Switzerland on August 29. Full dates and info here.
The past 12 months he has been performing in Spain, France, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Monaco, Germany, Canada, Luxembourg, Belgium and Austria.

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