Sunday, June 15, 2014


Maybe lining up is a minor esageration but things have really changed in Italy in the past few years. Eurovision was snobbed and even the artists seemed to be uninterested and unwilling to even consider it. Then we had Raphael Gualazzi and Marco Mengoni who broke through internationally, and Emma planning to do so. Nina Zilli kind of seemed uninterested really going abroad with her music, but let's wait and see when her new album comes out, who knows? After all she made herself known all over Europe in a moment.
But now we have likes of Laura Pausini, Claudio Baglioni, Zucchero, Eros Ramazzotti and others watching the show and tweeting and talking about it, don't even mention minor names!
This year Sanremo winner Arisa declared she would have loved to go to Eurovision right after her winning (but as we know, RAI did not use Sanremo as selection method this year. If so, we would have had another Sanremo winner to follow Marco Mengoni) and wishes to do so in the future anyways. Meanwhile she's enjoying success at home soil and working on some international collaborations and contacts....
Most recently Annalisa Scarrone has made herself available as well. She's the runner up of Amici reality show and has been to Sanremo and has a solid fan base and even OGAE Song contest 2013 with Alice e il blu. Her latest album has been also released in the Netherlands as she is featured ia a soundtrack of a Dutch film Toscaanse bruilloft with Tutto sommato, Non so ballare and Capirai. At the moment she's having a radio hit with her new single Sento solo il presente. Her new album is a collaboration with Modá's Kekko who also wrote Emma's Sanremo songs.
When asked if she'd like do Eurovision she replied: "I have wanted all my life! Do I need to say more?" Let's wait and see if her wish will come true. Meanwhile RAI has not made its plans known in  anyway but most likely Italy will be back in 2015 but who knows how the song and artist will be selected......

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