Saturday, June 14, 2014


Softengine has released their second single and follow up to Something better. The title is Yellow house and they already premiered it in Copenhagen's Eurovision if you happened to be present there. Is it something better? So it seems. It shot straight to #1 in iTunes! The critics and comments so far have been more than positive, and it seems the guys from Finnish countryside are in demand for bigger stages in Europe, Germany and Sweden first. Among their fans are Fredrik Kempe and Ricky Gervais. 
Lead singer Topi Latukka tells it's a story of a guy who sees a person  in a yeallow house in his dream. He sets to search for the house and the person without knowing if neither of them really exists. The chains and blindfold make it particularly difficult. It's a kind of a metaphora for a dreams each and everyone  of us should chase. Never give up. Like Softengine were the past few years in the garage doing their thing and believing in it - and look at them now!
Meanwhile the band is busy giving finishing touches to their debut album and having gigs all over Finland this summer. One of the most interesting ones is surely Provinssirock in their hometown, one of the biggest and most legendary Finnish rock festivals. The guys tell they have been there every year checking out the bands since they were allowed to go there - ehm, like the past two years or so. Ed.note - and now they are one of the main acts!

If you are in Finland this summer you can catch them live here:

13.6.2014 LeBonk, Helsinki
14.6.2014 PowerPark, Alahärmä
19.6.2014 Ravintola Dyyni, Kalajoki
26.6.2014 Jutajaiset Festivaali, Rovaniemi
28.6.2014 Provinssirock, Seinäjoki
1.7.2014 Siilifolk, Siilinjärvi
11.7.2014 Virittämö, Seinäjoki
12.7.2014 Aron Keidas, Kauhajoki
18.7.2014 Multiaista satoa – Nuorten konsertti, Multia
19.7.2014 Sotkamon Syke, Sotkamo
24.7.2014 Kuortaneen Urheilukenttä, Kuortane
24.7.2014 Kaupunginhotelli Ilta, Pietarsaari
25.7.2014 Työväen Musiikkitapahtuma, Valkeakoski
1.8.2014 Vanhan Paukun Festivaali, Lapua
8.8.2014 Hietskurock, Vaasa

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