Thursday, June 26, 2014


There are always Eurovision wannabes in search of some self promotion in the low season and this summer 1980's discogirl Sinitta has thought it's as good a way to promote her apparent return to music scene since nearly 20 years shouting "I want to do it!"  We can mix it with her early career that does include a participation in the UK selection of 1984 with Imagination (4th), and her ex Simon Cowell who has declared he could fix it for the UK. And Sinitta was his very first hit artist! Could they join forces again and recreate the magic for the good cause?
Sinitta made it big in mid 1980's with hits like So macho, Toy boy and Cross my broken heart. Now she's about to make a come back in London pride with a cover of her mother Miquel Brown's hit So many men, so little time. (Another well known singer Amii Stewart is her aunt) In the 1990's and 2000's she's been more known for her personal life and reality tv, affair with Simon Cowell and being his assistant in X Factor 2004-2010 and still in two more editions alongside Louis Walsh. She has also started her own production company for new talents.... Her latest charting effort is from 1997 when she did an EP of The Supremes classics like Where did our love go, Stop! In the name of love, but ehm... Maybe that wasn't such a great career move..... (said by a huge The Supremes fan).
Anyways, this may remain just a summer rumor but this blogger has always had a little soft spot for Sinitta, along side all the PWL artists of that era.....

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