Friday, June 20, 2014


The selection for the Eurovision song contest 2015 venue continues. They were 12 but now ORF has already dropped five and only three cities and seven venues are still in the run. Or rather only three venues as well, as Vienna is running with five suggestions, only one of them being an existing one. So, unless huge surprises the venue will be either Vienna's Wiener Stadthalle, Graz's Stadthalle Graz or Innsburck's OlympiaWorld complex.
It seems Innsbruck (pictured above) is seriously challenging Vienna, as the complex would have basicly everything under the same roof or next door. If the rest of the necessary demands will be sorted out (hotels, transportation, etc) we might be off to Innsbruck after all instead of Vienna. The hall was built in 1963 for the 1964 Winter Olympics and it served the 1976 Winter Olympics as well. It could host around 10.000 people audience. Completely renoved in 2004 it's a part of the Sports park that consists other seven venues that could serve as Press center and who knows, also EuroClub?
Wiener Stadthalle was built in 1953-58. It has a overall seating capacity of approx 16.000. The arena consists of six halls and the main hall is often used for concerts. Rod Steward, Back Street Boys and Lady Gaga are scheduled to perform there still in 2014 and Miley Cyrus just did earlier this month. Vienna as city remains the main contender but will the venue bid lose it? Vienna would offer a lot of for the tourists and fans and would be a gracious host for the 60th anniversary edition.
Stadthalle Graz is a lot more modern than the other two, built in 2000-2002. Apparently in two floors and/or two halls next to Graz Fair also used for concerts, like Nena next month with special guest: Conchita Wurst!

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