Wednesday, February 07, 2018


The UK final takes place tonight 20.30 CET. Six acts are taking part and while Asanda seems to be the big fan favorite this blogges is all behind Liam Tamne. I find Asanda's Legends annoying and confusing, that kind of music makes me only nervous and restless and it's not what I want to listen to. Maybe it's very up and hip and whatever but - no. While Liam's song is the song I have maybe liked the most of all national final songs so far this season. I just like it. Hard to explain why but as Salvador said music is feelings and not fireworks. Raya's Crazy is ok and just behind Surie's Storm who second in my list. Jaz and Goldstone are useless.
But I know I'm a bit alone with this. But as long as there is life there is hope. Go Liam!

Liam Tamne - Astronaut
Surie - Storm
Raya - Crazy
Asanda - Legends
Jaz Ellington - You
Goldstone I feel the love

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