Saturday, February 10, 2018


Thank heavens for Michelle Hunziker and Moschino who dressed her last night. That flowerlike dress brought back all the glamour and what Sanremo and fashion used to be. Those stairs, that dress... priceless! That was a pure Sanremo moment!
One can expect funny things from Moschino and indeed Michelle sported a funny flower bouquet dress at one point, and another black one with huge pink ribbon. Sadly the rest was black for her, too, starting with the rock chick look. But then again, she looks good in everything.
One would have thought that there would be some awesome dresses and color when finally some ladies took the stage to duet with all the dull male artists but no: black, black, black.... With very few exceptions: Ornella's flaming red dress, Skin's sparkly rainbow, Eva's red one, and Serena's ... red one. The only one out of this solor sceme was Annalisa in her jeans jacket and tutu in the color of granny's underpants. Somehow I wished she would have been in black, too...
Men didn't sport much color either. Monteiro's shiny green suit and Modimbi's white one were exceptions, with Ghemon's camel look....
Tonight Michelle is again dressing Giorgio Armani Privé, and usually the artists turn up the elegance for the final. Let's hope it will be more interesting tonight!

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