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Tonight's the night for the Newcomers. We will know the top-3 and the eventual winner (apparently after ten first Big have performed). Thee Big instead perform their entries in duets with other more or less Big artists and this welcomes back to Teeatro Ariston likes of Alice, Arisa, Michele Bravi, Paola Turci, Giusy Ferreri, Marco Masini, Sergio Cammariere, Neri per Caso and Simone Cristicchi but also Skin and Midge Ure.
Milva will be awarded a life time award, and Gianna Nannini and Piero Pelù are among the guests.
The partial vote that will be revealed is that of the Expert jury, that counts 20% (while 50% is televote and 30% accredited press. No demoscopic jury tonight)

---------------------------------------- L I V E --------------------------------------------
20.45 Here we go again, with Baglioni the singer on stage..... with Michelle and Pierfrancesco all dressed rock but singing a cartoon song in a tribute.... As said tonigh't there a new jury that weights 20%: the eexperts while televoters weight 50% and the accredited press 30%. The expert jury sits right there in the hall: Pino Donaggio, Gabriele Muccino, Rocco Papaleo, Serena Autieri, Milly Carlucci, Andrea Scanzi, Giovanni Allevi, Mirca Rosciani.

20.54 Leonardo Monteiro – Bianca
He wears a greenish jacket with golden flowers or something, it seems the same as yesterday. His tender ballad grows and grows slowly but even if he gives it all it remains a bit bland. But not bad. Better control of the voice tonight ***
20.59 Mirkoeilcane – Stiamo tutti bene
Mirko is his balck, a bit too tight suit belting out his spoken song with a lot of words on top of an orcheestration that paints its own world behind him. Captivating and interesting to hear live but would I listen to this on repeat at home on stereos? No. ***
21.04 Alice Caioli – Specchi rotti
Alice is in long black naked dress with lace showing a lot of skin here and there. Her voice is typical Italian female singer's voie:low and husky. I kinda like the song though. ***1/2
21.08 Ultimo – Il ballo delle incertezze
All black for him, too, but less casual this time: instead of the bomber hee has a jacket. Also this is a half spoken song but very catchy and with a proper refrain and build up of a pop song. Nice. But vocally far from flawless. ****
21.12 Giulia Casieri – Come stai
Another long black dress with black lace in waist to show some skin. Another dark bluesy voice for heer funky pop song that also has a lot of words. Pleasant but not really my cup of tea. **1/2
21.17 Mudimbi – Il mago
Finally something else but black. Carlo Pignatelli has created him modern jacket meets tuxedo meet something else kind of jacket. He dances around the stage with a lot of facial mimic. By far my favorite. Funny in a right way, catchy, nice rhythm and the whistling hook. Shame this one's not running for Eurovision.... *****
21.22 Eva – Cosa ci salverà
Long red dress for the tattoeed redhead. Rusty voice and melodic song that is very Sanremo ballad but in a good way. I like this eveery time more. ****
21.25 Lorenzo Baglioni – Il congiuntivo
Gone is the red jacket and the schoolboy is n green suit with his professors. Vocally rather weak tonight and efen if this song has quite many fans I'm not one. Rather boring to be honest. Can't help thinking this is a joke entry instead of something revolutionary genius. **

Ok, televoting is over and we wil find out sometime during tonight's show the top-3.  Apparently after Diodato & Roy Paci's peerformance. Maybe.... Time for a break and restart of the show after ads...

21.37 We restart with the majestic staircase in full swing

21.41 Renzo Rubino with Serena Rossi – Custodire
Renzo has found his better wardrobe and looks less casual, while Serena looks fabulous in her red chrystal dress. The song really benefits of her presence and comes alive once she joins in. A major improvement. ***
21.47 Le Vibrazioni with Skin – Così sbagliato
Skin sings mainly in English and is screamy and shouty, not sure if on purpose or simply out of tune. Not sure if she ads anything really to this. **
21.58 Noemi with Paola Turci – Non smettere mai di cercarmi
Ladies in black, Paola in guitar and Noeemi behind the piano, a new arrangement and one wonders why this song wasn't originally presented this way? ***
22.05 Mario Biondi with Ana Carolina and Daniel Jobim – Rivederti
The Brazilian touch with Brazilian singer-songwriter and a Jobim. Jobin screams bossanova. Sadly they didn't bring more Brazil on stage as they are all in black. The song is what it is. Maybe I'd love it under a palm tree sipping caipirinhas but watching Sanremo for the 4th night with heavy lack of sleep for days.... Not so much. **
22.10 Annalisa with Michele Bravi – Il mondo prima di te
Annalisa's questionable fashion sense don't disappoint tonight either. But let's forget that because with Michele this song is about zillion times bettr! Should she go to Eurovision, can he go, too? Pretty please? *****
22.17 Lo Stato Sociale with Paolo Rossi and il Piccolo Coro dell’Antoniano – Una vita in vacanza
Childrens choir to do the chorus, a comic to dialogue with the singer, funny t-shirts... the acrobatic granny is taking a break tonight. Well, it's kinda funny as a song. But do I really like it? No. Or do I?***
22.25 Enter Gianna Nannini..... in white and in funny shoes almost stumbling down when entering the stage. Almost 40 years of succesful career, also internationally and also known for beecoming a mom at the tender age of 56.... And she duets with Baglioni. Of course. 
22.40 Claudio and Pierfrancesco perform an opera based Mr Bean like number. He's adorable.
22.48 Max Gazzè with Rita Marcotulli and Roberto Gatto – La leggenda di Cristalda e Pizzomunno
Performing with jazz musicians, not singers or actors, the song is pretty much the same. The arrangement though is very much piano driven thanks Rita and sounds much better to a piano freak like me. ***1/2
22.59 Decibel with Midge Ure – Lettera dal Duca
Legend or not I don't think Midge Ure added anything to the song, on the contrary. It felt stronger when Enrico belts it out alone. Shame. **
23.06 Ornella Vanoni, Bungaro & Pacifico with Alessandro Preziosi – Bisogna imparare ad amarsi
Ornella wears the same outfit again, this time in flaming red. I'm liking this song more and more every time I hear it, and Alessandro was ok, even if I prefer the original in this came. *****
23.13 Diodato and Roy Paci with Ghemon – Adesso
More black except Ghemon who was towering over the others in his camel. He had added some lines as a rapper but he wasn't really rapping so much..... Okeyish ***
Because Sanremo is Sanremo

23.20 Roby Facchinetti & Riccardo Fogli with Giusy Ferreri – Il segreto del tempo
All in black. Sigh. Like if the song wasn't depressing enough. Giusy can't help much and looks a bit lost. Maybe she's regretting she said yes? *
23.29 It's time for the Newcomers results....
Critic's award Mia Martini goes to ... Mirkoeilcane..... Lucio Dalla award goes to..... Alice Caioli and then...... third is Mudimbi, second Mirkoeilcane and winner is..... Ultimo! No reprise of the song and Ultimo looked rather shocked and quiet..... Without further fuss we go on with the duets...
23.38 Enzo Avitabile and Peppe Servillo with gli Avion Travel and Daby Touré – Il coraggio di ogni giorno
Peppe has brought his (Sanremo winning) band Avion Travel along with Senegalese Daby who gives a little African spice to this Napoletan sauce. Nice addition but doesn't really make any major change. ***
23.44 Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro with Simone Cristicchi – Non mi avete fatto niente
Men in black. The song starts with spoken Cristicchi. The song is strong and catchy, let's see how far does it go in the end despite all the drama earlier this week.... ****
23.55 It's the mock Baglioni song lyrics humor act.... yawn....
00.01 Giovanni Caccamo with Arisa – Eterno
More black and shiny material in Arisa's short dress with large top and as a bonus braces. The song really benefits from her voice and sounds like it was hers and Caccamo was only the guest. ****
00.05 Another magnifiant entrance by Michelle....
00.07 Ron with  Alice – Almeno pensami
Ron starts alone and Alice enter the stage quietly later and the whole performance was like a dream, quiet and elegant and dreamy. When one has class, she has class whatever she does. And yes, she added to the song and it sounded like her own songs, would fit nicely into her albums as well. Fantastic idea to have them duet with this. *****
00.19 Red Canzian with Marco Masini – Ognuno ha il suo racconto
Men in black again. They duet well and in proper way and this works like a train. Upbeat and rocky and pop and everything after a slow start where the guy below was the main star ****
00.26 The Kolors with Tullio De Piscopo and Enrico Nigiotti – Frida (Mai mai mai)
Just when you thought the guest didn't quite add anything to the performance comes Enrico's guitar solo followed by Tullio's drum solo and Stash running around in the audience. very energetic and yes, I'm starting to like this big time. ****
00.31 Milva's daughter accepts the life time award for her mom, who's not well enough to come to Sanremo for the 16th time as she has participated 15 times....
00.38 Enter Piero Pelú.... with a tribute to Lucio Battisti. With Baglioni. Of course.
00.47 Luca Barbarossa with Anna Foglietta – Passame er sale
Both in black, surprise! Anna's dress is of shiny material, too. But the song is full of live and emotion, and even Luca seems less serious and oozes likability. Great job and definately one of my favorites this year *****
00-58 Yes! Also tonight Michelle reminds of Eurovision song contest....
00.59 Nina Zilli with Sergio Cammariere – Senza appartenere
Guess what? They are dressed in black! After a very long piano intro Nina starts singing, Sergio joins and the song is full of atmosphere. A proper duet and Nina looks stunning as usual. At this hour of the night this even sounds kinda good now.... **1/2
01.08 Elio e le Storie Tese with i Neri per Caso – Arrivedorci
Elio in black but those who one would imagine in black were in white. Gone wee the Indian nonsense and the song stripped down with excellent voices of Neri per Caso is almost decent. **

01.17 Tonight's partial votes come from the experts....

Top: Gazzé, Barbarossa, Caccamo, Meta & Moro, Ron, Vanoni, Diodato
Middle: Le Vibrazioni, Annalisa, The Kolors, Avitabile & Servillo, Canzian, Lo Stato Sociale
Bottom: Decibel, Facchinetti & Fogli, Noemi, Biondi, Elio, Zilli

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