Sunday, February 25, 2018


Armenia has its Depi Evratesil final tonight to select its entry for Lisbon 2018 Eurovision song contest. After two semifinals we have quite a strong line up, but without an outstanding favorite (as Tamar Kaprelian aka the fan wank sung herself out of the final). No detailed rankings or scores has been made public from the semifinals so we have no idea who the juries and televoters are backing the most. Sadly Kamil Show is in as she's no Verka Serduchka, more Dustin the Turkey and forgot she needs also a proper song. 
If the national language trend continues and Armenia sends Qami I'll be more than happy as it is clearly my favorite. Stand up is a lovely melody ruined by broken English and all that dancing, more like a musical number and going nowhere. Shame.  If you don't walk me home is lovely, but would it be lost among the others in Lisbon? And it has absolutely nothing Armenian in it. Same goes for Waiting for the sun. As long as Forever won't win it's ok, but what I hear the danger of that is real. I'm also hoping You & I won't win. We have enough entries that have nothing to do with the country already. Qami all the way! 
Sevak Khanagyan - Qami
Gevorg Harutyunyan - Stand Up
Lusine Mardanyan - If You Don't Walk Me Home
Kamil Show - Puerto Rico
Amaliya Margaryan - Waiting for the Sun
Nemra - I'm a Liar
Mariam Petrosyan - Fade
Mger Armenia - Forever
Robert Koloyan - Get Away With Us
Asmik Shiroyan - You and I

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