Thursday, February 08, 2018


The show continues. Tonight the remaining ten Big re-perform their songs, and the remaining four Newcomers as well. Tonight's guests include James Taylor with Giorgia, Negramaro, Danilo Rea, Gino Paoli for the music, and for the promotion of Rai fiction Claudia Pandolfi, Nino Frassica and Claudio Santamaria.

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20.45 We start puctual, with Claudio Baglioni concert...
20.51 Enter Michelle and Pierfrancesco and straight to the Newcomers...

20.54 Mudimbi – Il mago
I was afraid he would turn this into some circus on stage but no. He alone, elegant in a white lid simple stage. My favorite song by far among the Newcomers and at this point also in the whole festival. Could he do Gabbani?
20.58 Eva – Cosa ti salverà
Are we now into a fashion trend? After Mudimbi also Eva wears metallic fabric, grey this time with some sort of rubbish bag around her but she and her tattoos make it work. Good song, nicely performed. Tonight's Newcomers feature my favorites...
21.02 Ultimo – Il ballo delle incertezze
Half spoken song that builts up nicely and is pleasant, and yes, among my favorites. Shiny material continue, this time in Ultimo's bomber jacket. Black jeans complete his look. This could be espeecially critic's cup of tea really....
Finally a female conductor! Brazilian born dancer turn singer Leonardo is dressed in shiny material! Greenish. His tender ballad builts slowly to a gospely choir and some vocal acrobatics. Pleasant but not among my top favorites.....
21.15 Tonight's partial votes come again from the demoscopic jury for the Newcomers... and the ranking is just as it should be :-)
And we start straight away with the big after some litigious small talk about words and lyrics....
21.24 Giovanni Caccamo – Eterno
Caccamo is wearing a light grey suit in red eternal love filled stage. This is maybe the most Sanremoish song, the true Italian menlody. This might work in Eurovision, who knows? Should he win he'd run to Lisbon and with this song. I like Caccamo and I'm liking this song more and more, too. **** Tomorrow he's dueting with Arisa! Something to look forward, too.
21.33 Lo Stato Sociale – Una vita in vacanza
Light grey for them tonight, too, and singer's Voglio le coccole t-shirt fits like glove. Also they want to go to Lisbon, but this would bee easily labelled as a joke entry with it's dancing acrobatic granny.. I don't think Italy goes from gorilla to granny tho. Kinda ok song but... no. **
21.40 And we have Claudio the singer on stage again. Celeebrating 50 years of his career.... Oooh, enter Virginia Raffaele! Apparently she missed Teatro Ariston and just had to come this year as well.... Well, some comedy a la Raffaele is not a bad thing.... actually it was maybe the best thing yet. Love her!
22.02 Enter Negramaro. The band took part in Sanremo newcomers in 2005 and was immediately eliminated, but have since created a career that brings them here now as super guests. They also perform with Baglioni.....
22.17 Luca Barbarossa – Passame er sale
I'm falling big time for this. It's movie like, melodic, lovely... atmospheric... what can I say? I'm kinda waiting for the mandoline to appear but maybe that would make it a bit kitch. But this one grows and makes one dream. This would fit nicely in Lisbon. *****
22.24 Enzo Avitabile & Peppe Servillo – Il coraggio di ogni giorno
We move down the Meriterranean sea from the alleys of Rome to Naples port. Makes me think of legendary duet Cu'mme by Roberto Murolo and Mia Martini but this is nowhere as great as that one was, but still very nice break from the usual pop rock. ***
22.35 Eurovision mentioned again.... !!! When Pierfrancesco imitates - in English - some American product launch. Steve Jobs anyone? Kinda funny. Maybe. Sort of.... But now it's sure after last night's jokes: He would be a perfect Eurovision host with Michelle should Italy host the contest any year soon now....
22.42 Max Gazzè – La leggenda di Cristalda e Pizzomunno
Max sings better - like most everyone - tonight and seems more relaxed. His song is a fairytale like musical tune where the story is based in an ancient legend. He also continues the trend of shiny material and grey aka silver in his jacket. I'm liking this a lot more than the first night. ****
22.48 Roby Facchinetti & Riccardo Fogli – Il segreto del tempo
For me clearly the worst song this year. Better sung tonight but yet with some false notes. Tomorrow night with Giusy Ferreri. Now that will be interesting. *
22.57 Michelle re-enteer in a pink dress singing Gianna Nannini.... and we enter some woman argumeents and songs about men and women..... and mothers...  First I thought this would be some #metoo or #iosonoqui staff and indeed it was. Kind of. Maybe.
23.05 Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro – Non mi avete fatto niente
The almost disqualified favorite. Should have performed last night but was suspended and finally today released from accusations. Let's see if it has some effect to the final outcome as this was flying to the top-3 easily.... The song has a lot of (important) lyrics and takes forever before it gets going but it's powerful and effective. But I must say I don't remember a thing afterwards. Is that a bad sign? ****
23.13 Noemi – Non smettere mai di cercarmi
Noemi continues the trend of black dresses with a very, very low decoltée. Her song is as I said before tpical Noemi but doesn't do much for me.... ***
Ad break before Michelle continues talk about women, like she did small talk with Noemi. Or rather the lack of women in Sanremo that has become a topic. Luckily tomorrow night among the guest artists in duets there are quite a few women....
23.24 Enter James Taylor, singing La donna é mobile.... this year foreign guests sing in Italian! Fire in rain follows.
23.34 Enter Giorgia and they sing together You've got a friend....
23.42 The Kolors – Frida (Mai mai mai)
I'm warming to the idea of The Kolors in Lisbon. The song is catchy and entertaining, the staging eeven if simple with drums works. This could be a good product - eeven if sadly they would sing it in English but then again, the song was originally in English and translated in Italian only for the occasion.... ****
23.48 Baglioni at the piano trying to sing and being interrupted all the time, this time by "Tv-news reader".... Yawn...
00.01 One song missing but why hurry, let's have countless guests still..... Danilo Rea to start with. And Gino Paoli.....and Claudio. Again.
00.13 Mario Biondi – Rivederti
Shiny material continue in Mario's greenish jacket. I don't quite warm up to this bosanova inspired Italian traditonal melody, well sung and lovely arrangement and generally I should like it, but ... No. **
Afteer a looooong sort of comedy act/promotion for a tv-series imcluding the death of Memo Remigi we might have the results..... Again partial ones, those of accredited press and in three groups....

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