Thursday, September 28, 2017


Reigning Eurovision champion RTP has chosen the composers for the national selection Festival da Canção 2018. Just like this year, after their relaunched the contest, they have chosen composers to come up with a song, who can choose the artist for the song. This year Luisa Sobral was chosen, she wrote Amar pelos dois and chose her brother Salvador to sing it and the rest is history.
This blogger is very excited to see Diogo Piçarra in the list, an Eurovision wish for years already. Now fingers crossed he decides to perform his own song! Other names are from Eurovision veteram Josè Cid to rapper Capicua. 

Salvador and Luisa also had a chance to pick up one and chose Janeiro, and Onis was selected through a radio selection amongst new composers without any releases so far, Serrado and Dias were picked among the 346 open submission for any Portuguese or authors living in Portugal. Overall the demand was so high RTP in the end picked up 26 composers instead of 20; 13 for each semifinal and 7 will reach the final. 

Aline Frazão, Armando Teixeira, Benjamim, Bruno Cardoso aka Xinobi, Capicua, Diogo Clemente, Diogo Piçarra, Francisco Rebelo, Fernando Tordo (ESC 73, 77),  Isaura, João Afonso, Jorge Palma, José Cid (ESC 80, 98), JP Simões, Júlio Resende, Mallu Magalhães, Miguel Ângelo, Minta (Francisca Cortesão), Nuno Rafael, Paulo Flores, Paulo Praça, Tito Paris, Janeiro , Daniela Onis, Peter Serrado, Rita Dias

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