Friday, September 01, 2017


***CROATIA: Franka - Crazy (6.3.18)***
***ROMANIA: The Humans win Selectia Nationala (25.2.18)***
***ARMENIA: Sevak Khanagyan wins Depi Evratesil (25.2.18)***
***HUNGARY: AWS wins and brings metal to ESC (24.2.18)***
***UKRAINE: Mélovin wins Vidbir (24.2.18)***
***SLOVENIA: Lea Sirk wins with Hvala, ne (24.2.18)***
***MOLDOVA: DoReDos win as expected (24.2.18)***
SAN MARINO: Listen to the final versions of 1in360
***GERMANY: Michael Schulte wins USFL hands down (22.2.18)***
FINLAND: Listen to all 3 #UMK2018 entries
***SERBIA: Sanja Ilic & Balkanika for Serbia (20.2.18)***
GERMANY: Listen to Unser Lied fur Lissabon entries
***MONTENEGRO: It's Vanja Radovanovic for Eurovision (17.2.18)***
***BELARUS: Alekseev wit Forever wins EuroFest (16.2.18)***
Here are the San Marino's 1in360 finalists - listen
***GREECE: Yianna Terzis with Oneiro mou to Lisbon 2018 (16.2.18)***
***ISRAEL: Netta Barzilai is The Next Star for Eurovision (13.2.18)***
***MACEDONIA: Eye Cue internally chosen (13.2.18)***
***CROATIA: Franca Batelic for Eurovision 2018 (13.2.18)***
***ITALY: Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro win Sanremo (10.2.18)***
***DENMARK: Rasmussen wins with Higher ground (10.2.18)***
SAN MARINO: Listen to 1in360 entries - Show 1
SERBIA: Listen to the Beovizija finalists?
POLAND: Here are the ones for Krajowe Eliminacje 
SLOVENIA: Listen to the EMA 2018 entries
***UK: SuRie wins and goes to Lisbon with Storm (7.2.18)***
DENMARK: Listen to the DMGP finalists
ARMENIA: Listen to the Depi Evratesil songs
***SWITZERLAND: Zibbz for Eurovision (4.2.18)***
***MALTA: Christabelle wins MESC (3.2.18)***
***CYPRUS: It's Eleni Foureira (1.2.18)***
***IRELAND: It's Ryan O'Shaughnessy (31.1.18)***
***SPAIN: Alfred y Amaia for Eurovision (29.1.18)***
***CZECH REPUBLIC: It's Mikolas Josef with Lie to me (29.1.18)***
***RUSSIA: It's Julia Samoylova again (29.1.18)***
***FRANCE: Madame Monsieur wins with Mercy (27.1.18)***
DENMARK: Here are the finalists of DMGP
ICELAND: Listen to the 12 Söngvakeppnin entries
SERBIA: Here are the Beovizija entries
PORTUGAL: Here are the artists and songs for Festival da cancao
MONTENEGRO: Here are the five for Montezija
NORWAY: Listen to MGP finalists
BELARUS: Listen to the finalists
SWITZERLAND: Listen to the six Swiss entries
CZECH REPUBLIC: Listen to the entries
ESC 2018: Four ladies to host the show
HUNGARY: Listen to the A Dal entries
MALTA: Listen to Malta Eurovision song entries
***GEORGIA: Iriao for Georgia (31.12.17)***
FRANCE: Here are the ones for Destination Eurovision
GERMANY: Here are the ones for Unser Lied fur Lissabon
***AUSTRALIA: It's Jessica Mauboy (11.12.17)***
SLOVENIA: Here are the entries for EMA2018
HUNGARY: Here are the 30 for A Dal 2018
LATVIA: Listen to Supernova 2018 entries
ALBANIA: Listen to Festival i Kenges entries
***AUSTRIA: It's César Sampson (5.12.17)***
SWEDEN: Here are the 28 for Melodifestivalen
GREECE: Three left in the race
ALL ABOARD: It's 43 after all
ALBANIA: Here are Festivali i kenges semifinalists
ESTONIA: Here are Eesti laul semifinalists
***NETHERLANDS: It's Waylon (9.11.17)***
***AZERBAIJAN: It's Aisel (8.11.17)***
ALL ABOARD: 42 it is
***FINLAND: It's Saara Aalto (7.11.17)***
43 countries
MALTA: Here are the 16 finalists
***BELGIUM_ It's Laura Groeseneken aka SENNEK (28.9.17)***
PORTUGAL: The composers revealed
CYPRUS: Alex P. replaces Thomas G:son

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