Friday, September 01, 2017


It's September and the Eurovision 2018 season is officially on. I will feature in coming days names that could be in UMK18, if only...... I say if only, as most likely we won't see any of them in there for UMK is profilied as a newcomers contest instead of being our own Sanremo or Melodifestivalen. In short: a major contest all the big names want to take part not only to win but to boost their record sales and score hits. But one can dream, right? I have thrown in some not so known names for variety. Let's go....

Alex Mattson is really Aleksi Kaunisvesi (20) and the first Finnish solo artist and DJ to be signed to Grammy winning Ultra Music. Besides his solo releases he has prodiuced songs to names like Isac Elliot, Reino Nordin, Mikael Gabriel. UFO feat Solamay and Forget you entered the international playlists and his latest Good kids is following them...
Runaway Zoo is a band from Porvoo. The five little town boys have known each other all their lives, and have been playing together since 2015. Last year they toured China (30 gigs) of all places! They sound a bit like what Softengine could've been if they didn't go the rockier path instead.... Listen to Younwildblood, Lights R out, Just to be somebody and Mess without you below.
Isac Elliott is finally of age to do Eurovision, turnng 17 this December. Coming from the most famous boys choir Cantores Minores he moved to musicals and eventually popstardom at the age of 12. Two albums, an EP and string of hit singles he's hot both in Finland and in Norway, and has got good shots also in the USA.  What about me, New way home (FIN #1),  Baby I, Tungevaag & Raaban feat Isac Elliot Beast and Worth something below are among his hits
Laura Voutilainen has been around over 20 years but is living a new professional spring being more popular than ever. Over the years she has proven she can belt out any song and got vocals to put ashame the biggest vocalist on the globe, but has been missing hit songs. It all changed with Miks ei and Mä en kestä (below) this year. Over the years she's also done a lot of shows, musical and televiison and is all around pro to handle any situation. It's time to have her back in Eurovision, don't you think? Check out also Forever yours, En mielestäin saa sua, The power of love, Crucified, I surrender and this blogger's all time favorite Kosketa mua

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