Thursday, September 07, 2017


Nazim Khaled, the man behind France's restored Eurovision success with Amir's J'ai cherché and Alma's Requiem is now ready to launch his own career with Pourquoi veux-tu que je danse? He has  also written Kendji Girac's Andalouse, and has worked with Claudio Capèo in Ça va ça va
He says writing a hit song is not always easy. A good song isn't necessarily a hit but a hit is always a good song, despite what some snobbish people say but one must respect everyone's opinions. He recalls moments when working in the studio with the stars. Alma would sometimes cry after hearing the songs he had written and sung to her with guitar. When Kendji heard Les yeux de la mama, his reaction moved Nazim and Amir has become his brother and close friend. He's very pround of Amir's A ta manière, he thinks they managed to say something with the song. J'ai cherché was written one morning and they had no idea it would become such a hit. But the song he's the most proud of his Alma's La chute est lente but J'ai cherché is a close second. He thinks it's funny how they have become a sort of hymns, with people singing along "ouh ouh". And his mother is very touched about Les yeux de la mama, and that makes him happy.
He admits he has sometimes wanted to keep a song he has written for himself, but on the other hand what he writes to Amir and Capéo is different from his own stuff. He says he always tries to keep the artist in question in mind and not try to write hits for the sake of writing hits. He's now finishing his own solo album, and the albums with Amir and Florent Pagny are pretty much ready. He might be working with Capèo again, and is writing for a new artist named Florina ...
And after two years writing for Eurovision? Never say never..... Will he do a triple and if so... with whom??? Florina? Or Kendji who's in studio again....?
Here's Floriana a couple of years ago. Stylewise... Bingo!

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