Friday, September 22, 2017



So it seems. According Italian media but still waiting or the official confirmation. Besides being the Artistic Director Claudio Baglioni will also be hosting the 68th festival of Sanremo in February. But he won't be alone but will have a different co-host(s) every night, and most likely they all will return for the Grand final. 
If I have some doubts about Baglioni as Artistic Director - makes me think that his musical taste and line of selection will be more like: "Al Banos in, Baby Ks out" - but I hope he will surprise me and have a valid and varied cast of old and new artists, very popular and some less popular ones to create a nice mix of ballads and uptempo. 
To follow up Carlo Conti's three succesful years won't be easy. Not only did Conti present a string of hits and worthy Eurovision entries (nothing has been officially yet said about the Sanremo winner once again going to Eurovision, but Rai has confirmed Lisbon 2018), he also managed to increse the audience share every year from 48,6% to 49,6% and finally top it all this year with 50,7%.
Claudio Baglioni (66) will celebrate his 50th anniversary in business next year.
Baglioni has done some variety television before. In 1997 he did Anima mia with Fabio Fazio, and last year special night Capitani coraggiosi with Gianni Morandi, and his own concert special. 
In 2009 he released a double duets album Q.P.G.A.. including most everyone, from Alice to Battiato. Hopefully he gets them involved in Sanremo, too :-)
Good luck Claudio!

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