Tuesday, September 12, 2017


It's September and the Eurovision 2018 season is officially on. I will feature in coming days names that could be in UMK18, if only...... I say if only, as most likely we won't see any of them in there for UMK is profilied as a newcomers contest instead of being our own Sanremo or Melodifestivalen. In short: a major contest all the big names want to take part not only to win but to boost their record sales and score hits. But one can dream, right? I have thrown in some not so known names for variety. Let's go.... Vol.7  Check out the other posts by scrolling down

Jannike is a singer/musician who plays piano and violin and choir conductor, She has sung with various bands and orchestras and has been backing singer to likes of Loreen, Peter Jöback and Jari Sillanpää. She's been to Idols, had songs in both Swedish and Spanish radios, got Elvis's last girlfriend (who also wrote Whitneys I have nothing btw) to write her Hallowed ground (below), Listen I don't believe in fairytales, Into the sun, Seven emotions (co-written by Guy Chambers of Robbie Williams and Kylie Minogue fame), Hug me... UMK could be the chance to make her a household name....
Juha Tapio is one of the most succesful Finnish artists in the 2000's. He started with religious undertones but has then moved to more profane pop-rock. Ten albums and several compilations, most of them selling gold, platinum and multiplatinum he's doing sold out tours and being played on radios all the time. Below is Kaksi puuta, one of his finest lyrics. Listen also Sinun vuorosi loistaa, Ohikiitävää, Sitkeä sydän, Rakastan niin kuin mä voin, He's taking part in Vain elämää All Stars as we write and belted out rapper Cheek's Sinuhe this week. showing he's got a huge dose of self irony, too. 
Miro Miikael is so new artist he's only got one single out yet, Siks mä haluun sut. But you can listen him singing with Euroviisut veteran Jennie in Stay with me. And Night changes here. He would have nothing but to gain in UMK...
Sofia Stenman aka Sofia or Sofia Sida or Sofia Zida has been around since kid's talent show. She's been up and coming and being half Mexican, living between Sweden and Finland she's got an international air to her. Listen Guerrera below, and Disco Mamazida, Blah blah blah, Could she be the key to success?

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