Wednesday, September 06, 2017


It's September and the Eurovision 2018 season is officially on. I will feature in coming days names that could be in UMK18, if only...... I say if only, as most likely we won't see any of them in there for UMK is profilied as a newcomers contest instead of being our own Sanremo or Melodifestivalen. In short: a major contest all the big names want to take part not only to win but to boost their record sales and score hits. But one can dream, right? I have thrown in some not so known names for variety. Let's go.... Vol.4 (Check out Vol1, Vol2 and Vol3)

Samu Haber, the frontman of Sunrise Avenue, a band that has always been more succesful abroad than at home, make himself known to great public in the latest edition of Vain elämää music reality show and conquered many hearts. He also revealed Forever yours was actually ment for Hanna Pakarinen for Eurovision 2007 so he does have a certain interest for Eurovision. Check out some of his covers from the show: Joutsenlaulu, Onnellinen, Hiljaisuus, and below is Sunrise Avenue's Hollywood Hills
Robin is only 18 but has already six albums (5 of them #1s) and 14 Top hits and this summer announced he's taking a break, goes to do his military service and tries out the normal everyday life he has missed - basicly all his teenage years. His breakhtrough was #1 Frontside Ollie, other #1s are Kipinän hetki, Hula hula (below) and Rakkaus on lumivalkoinen. Worth mentioning also Boom kah, Milloin nään sut uudestaan and Miten eskimot suutelee. His latest is his autobiografical farawell Me tehtiin tää (We did this)
Lucas is another 18-year-old teenage heathtrob from Espoo. One album and several radio hits and a teenage girl following in the past two years or so with songs like Aurinkoo, Täydellisen epätäydellinen (below), Kauniita yhdessä and Sun takii. Maybe not right for Eurovision but good for UMK perhaps?
Suvi Teräsniska (28) from Lapland has already ten years of succesful career behind her. A string of hits and succesful albums with a solid fanbase has made her one of the leading female singers in Finland. Recently she's been a bit away after getting married and having two kids but she's still always around. Nine albums, various awards and nominations, a win in Syksyn Sävel.... Her greatest hits include Vaiettu rakkaus, Rakkaus on lumivalkoinen, Täydellinen elämä, Pahalta piilossa
Below is a live medley of her hits.

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