Thursday, August 12, 2010

Milva and Battiato back together

Milva (71), the great lady of the Italian music, La Rossa, is releasing a new album in September and reunites with Franco Battiato (65) who has produced the album and also written the songs. Meaning they are covers but there might be a new song or two as well. The album Non conosco nessun Patrizio will be presented live in concert in Teatro Romano di Verona with Battiato on stage on September 8, 2010. Milva started singing back in 1959 and has participated in Sanremo a total of 15 times. She has made name besides pop in theatre singing Bertol Brecht and Piaf gaining success especially in Germany with several only German releases over the years. With Battiato she has worked previously in Milva e dintorni (1982) and Svegliando l'amante che dorme (1989) and both albums have been released also in either French, German or Spanish edition. The most known and memorable Milva-Battiato collaborations must be Alexander Platz, Potemkin and Una storia inventata. In Sanremo she debuted with Il mare nel cassetto in 1961 (#3) and was last seen with The Show must go on (#16) in 2007. Worth remembering are fabulous Sono felice from 1990 (#14) and Uomini addosso from 1993.

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