Saturday, August 28, 2010

Berlin Tempelhof Terminal 3 - songs in time?*

Blogilkar guest writer Daniel Motiño Camúñez reports:
Berlin presented its project to host Eurovision Song Contest 2011 and many jaws dropped when the name of O2 World Arena was not mentioned in favour of the old airport of Tempelhof. Berlin confirms that is one of the most creative cities in Europe by offering the most unique event location that never has hosted an Eurovision Song Contest. Well ,we should also mention the stinky Milstreet horse race arena (stinky since some of the singers pointed out the constant smell).
The airport is in excellent central location in the city and was opened in 1927 and definately closed in 2008. It re-opened in 2009 as park and leisure space while the citizens of Berlin will decide its future and final use. The Cargo terminals located in the junction of Kreuzberg /Tempelhof districts should be the place to host the event. At the moment there are a couple of theaters and some of the areas are offered to host fairs and exhibitions. It is centrally located and reachable with bus, sub-urban train and subway.
Berlin tries hard to beat the other top favorite Hamburg where is the headquarters of NDR and it is also the traditional city where the German votes where given the last 15 years. Klaus Wowereit, Berlin's Mayor stated "The contest belongs to Hamburg but the right place and best conditions are in Berlin".
The decision before end of the summer...and seriously I live within 10 minutes walking distance so it has to be here :-)
* Terminal 3
It's not the only time Ireland has had an airport song. Also this one came 2nd! A good omen for the Irish?

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