Thursday, September 29, 2016


Some years ago MTV and Eurovision were living in a parallel realities never even getting close. Then slowly some Eurovision entrants or wannabes started popping up in the nominees or even winning awards (maNga, Marco Mengoni, Lena, Dima Bilan...)
This year is no exception, as many as six Eurovision stars are nominated in their home countries to be the one and only for the race for the ultimate award: in Italy we have Francesca Michielin and Emma, in France Amir, in Belgium Laura Tesoro, in the Netherlands Douwe Bob and finally in Poland Cleo, who battles it out with wannabe Margaret
In Romania this year's runner up Vanotek is nominated. Special mention for Spain's Alvaro Soler who would be pefect for Eurovision.... who knows?
In Finland it might be in pack for Antti Tuisku this year crowning his newfound megasuccess. The other nominees are Eveliina who has taken the spotlight from her girlfriend Sanni a bit (last week the girls were in the singles top-20 as #1 and #2, some celebration in that household I suppose...), rap's bad boy Nikke Ankara, humour band Teflon Brothers and finally Vesala, ex-PMMP who's solo career has started the best possible way....
Check out the Finnish videos after the jump.....

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