Tuesday, September 20, 2016


If The Travellers have proven recently one can do great singing in Maltese there's also someone else doing great stuff: Corazón Mizzi. While in Malta I was looking for some Maltese CDs only to find out they pretty much don't exist, and the most helpful staff in legendary D'Amato - probably the world's oldest record store today - suggested me Corazón's Hawn jien (2014 album). Having nothing else really to bring home I decided to go or it without even realizing it is the Corazón from Maltese Eurovision selections. And what a find it was! Thank you D'Amato!
But let's start from the obvious: Eurovision. Corazón has been offering us songs in the Maltese Eurovision selection since 2009, actually making her best result this year with Falling glass, one of my favorites btw. I also liked last year's Secretly but that failed even the final.
But Corazón's true calling is singer-songwriter in Maltese as this excellent album clearly shows. We have all heard about L-Għanja tal-Poplu or Festival tal-Kanzunetta Maltija, a song contest for original songs in Maltese running since 1973 where occasional Eurovision stars make an appearance singing in their native. Corazón is the Queen of this contest winning it for the fourth time this year! Isn't it time to drop the English and songs written by others altogether and go for Europe in self written Maltese instead? If The Travellers aren't up for it, Corazón please give it a try!
Check out more Corazón songs after the jump......

Corazón at L-Ghanja tal-Poplu (all songs witten by herself):
2006 - Kieku taf
2007 - Hawn jien (winner)
2008 - Illejla b'xejn (best interprepation award)
2009 - Tal-Aħħar with Walter Micallef (winner)
2010 - Mill-Għajnejn ta' Tifla (winner + best interpretation award)
2016 - X'Se Jsir (winner + award for the best singer-songwriter)

Corazón at the Malta Eurovision:
2009 - Another side of me (semifinal)
2012 - Mystifying eyes (10th)
2013 - My stranger love (12th)
2014 - Ten (semifinal)
2015 - Secretly (semifinal)
2016 - Falling glass (8th)

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