Monday, September 19, 2016


The Eurovision song contest 2016 didn't only win the Rose d'Or as the best entertaining programme beating other 400 programmes from 33 countries. Earlier it also won Kristallen award aka the Swedish Emmy as the best entertainment show on tv. 
It has been also an economical success for the city of  Stockholm. The event's turnover ended at 263 million (27,5 million euros), the money visitors spent in hotels, food and entertainment. "We had high expectations investing 100 million (10,5 million euros) and we wanted results. They were achieved", says the City of Stockholm's Karin Wanngård.
Among other things they invested on the "city dressing" or decorating the city in the Eurovision theme. An example of this was the crossings that played the winning songs "Euphoria" and "Heroes." Something that was appreciated by the fans.
Awards and money but also the public opinion was a success: Eight out of ten visitors gave Stockholm honors as the host city and seven out of ten Stockholmers were pleased that the event was held in their hometown.
Now that's a kind of success that is hard to follow up..... Hello, Kyiv?

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