Monday, September 12, 2016


The Travellers have had an excellent and successful year 2016. They released their debut EP and all three singles of it made to number one in Maltese charts, the title track holding the position for seven consecutive weeks this summer. Just these past days they played their last gigs for the summer that couldn't have been more different from each other: on Saturday night one of the headliners at the sold out Rockestra charity event with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra in the MFCC, and then tonight an acoustic concert in their home island of Gozo.
This blogger had the pleasure of meeting Clayton despite their busy schedule last week and told they are heading back to studio and writing new songs to be released next year. A question pops up spontaneously: What about Eurovision? The answer is a cheeky grin and a vague "not in our plans". For the moment at least. One can live in hope :-) Judging some comments online here and there I'm not the only one thinking they would be awesome, and it's about the time to have some Maltese back in the contest!
Meanwhile I keep playing their excellent EP and enjoy the sound and music. Great stuff, people. (If you want a copy, you can contact them through their Facebook) or get it from iTunes

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