Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Eurovision song contest 1988 winner Celine Dion is back big time. And staying close to her late husband for a long time it's a new era for Celine now and she has released a new French album, that will be followed by a new English album soon enough. And as usual she's as popular as ever as the both the album and same titled single made it to #1 in France and many other French speaking territories. Encore un soir is written by by Jean-Jacques Goldman, who is a guarantee, but sadly he has not provided other songs to the project. Celine and her team have went for some new songwriters for her this time.
Curiously this album also includes a remastered version of Celine's 1984 release Trois heures vingt. This was one of her late husband's favorites and was played at his funeral, exactly at 3.20pm as the start of the ceremony. 
The other side (and voice, funny how she sounds so different in English) is presented in Recovering, the first officially released track from the forthcoming English album.

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