Monday, September 26, 2016


Just like neighbouring the Netherlands also Belgium seems to have found the right cards for the Eurovision success in the past years. And if it works, why change it? Once again they are apparently selecting internally the artist and once again from The Voice contestants. 
Two very different artists with different styles are rumored to be the ones they are trying to figure out who would guarantee a better success and keep Belgium in the Top-10 for the third consegutive year.
20-year-old Pierre Lizée would follow the footsteps of Loic Nottet by being a bit on the alternative side and has gained success and fame after the show despite making only the semifinal.
23-year-old Olivier Kaye did make the final, and has belted out various musical styles with ease, and may have not such a clear genre and profile as Pierre and is more traditional.
It is reported songs are being written and produced for both artists so in the end it might be a question who gets a better and more suitable song and whole package for Kyiv, but one thing is for sure: Belgium continues to showcase new fresh talents again. 

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