Tuesday, August 09, 2016


First it was late July, then August 1.... there were supposed to be two final cities to choose from but we still have three, each with their strong points and some weaknesses and none being the ideal host. NTU and the cities are working on to better their bids and the final decision will be made next week, and announced to the people of Ukraine (and the rest of us) on their Independence Day on August 24. Symbolism anyone? 
It is also now known the Ukrainian government is ready with 15 million euro of financial guarantee demanded by EBU. EBU has learned their lesson from Kiev 2005 preparations and this sum will be returned to state treasury afterwards and not used for the preparations. Each bidding city has also guaranteed 5 million euros for the contest's budget in case they are chosen, the rest coming from sponsors, advertising and the participating countries. On top of that the government is to budget additional 5-10 million euros for the contest. 
It will be interesting to see what they will pick up in the end. Kiev's Sports Arena is their bid's weakest point, but they have also International Exhibition Center in the running, too.
Update August 10: According NTU' s general director Zurab Alasania "outdated" Sport Palace bid has been rejected and Kiev is only running with IEC that can be easily remodelled to anyway they want it as it's empty space, and also privately owned making it easier to work on that prospect. 
Dnipro is ready to pour in 18 million euro to renovate Meteor Arena so money's there but their weak point is the accommodation. Their solution: cruise ships. 
Odessa would be a perfect location what comes to the nature, sea and beauty and infrastructure, but their proposed venue lacks the ceiling. They are however ready to invest 5,5 million euros for that.
This blogger has lost the track who is leading and who's losing. I will just sit back and wait for the announcement in due time now....

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