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Jari Sillanpää, one of the most popular Finnish artists of all time, Tango King 1995 and Eurovision 2004 entrant has revealed literally it all in a new biography that hit the stores earlier this month. He describes in detail his first time with a man, his newfound love to dress up in drag as his alter ego Rosa and all sort of things from his father's violence to alcoholism. And if you are into such things, maybe you have seen him on some videochat as Rosa having fun with his boyfriend?!
Not all fans have been pleased to know too intimate details about his past life but he wanted to bare it all. Read more after the jump.
Jari, who celebrated his 50th birthday in small scale and intimate at the Helsinki Olympic stadium last summer with full house, will be on TV-screen this fall-winter season as one of the Talent judges. 
Meanwhile his success has no end. His Sinä ansaitset kultaa has been in the Radioplay Top-100 already 93 consecutive weeks, at no.65 this week, after topping the charts during Christmas 2014! The song's an autobiographical story about his previous relationship and translates to "you deserve gold". He's left and after realizing the ex deserves so much better lets him go and wishes him all the good and begging him to never again let anyone treat him like he did. Very true and touching lyric there that surely is one of the reasons the song remains so popular week after week.

He told his parents he's gay in his 20s. His mother was a very tolerant and open woman, but she run off to toilet to cry and weep after throwing something on the floor. His father's reaction was more calm saying just "So what?". Publicly he came out in 2006 in a live TV talk show. He was ready to do that already back in 1995 when he told a Helsingin Sanomat reporter who was doing an article on him. The reporter however called him back before publishing the story saying it was maybe better not to reveal that, or the whole point of the article will be missed under the gay bomb.

His first sexual experience was with a 36-year-old woman. He says it was ok but he knew already then only a man can give him that extra sparkle. He finally experiences that in Stockholm with a guy from a gay bar "It was horrible. He was so selfish. All I got out of it was that the guy was a famous DJ in Stockholm."

After meeting his recent boyfriend, Estonian Siim, he has refound his love to dress up as a woman. He already dressed in her grandmother's underwear at 4-year-old (hey, who hasn't?), but later lost interest. When Simm told him he dresses up as a woman at times Jari got interested and soon enough they were buying all sort of outfits and started taking photos and playing all sort of role plays. Next obvious step was to do it outside and Jari has been in drag also in the streets of Helsinki "It's so nasty and fun, I was just giggling away walking the streets in my high heels!" Apparently they have been doing that also online in some videochat channels with masks on..... 
Photos from the book. Jari as Rosa and with Siim
That was followed by the birth of Rosa Peligrosa, his alter ego that was presented to the world in winter 2015 in Colombian gay night club. It wasn't all so fun: walking in high heels all night, keeping the wig in the heat and most of all keeping up the role all night. But no worries - he's not about to change sex, or dress female underwear under his suit or anything like that. Rosa however might make an appearance in some of his future projects. It could be Gay Gaala or his own concert or some tv-show. 

He tells about the difficult relation with his father, who wasn't unfamiliar with physical violence if the kids didn't behave. His father has come out and has denied it all. One must though remember decades ago the growing methods were a bit different.  His father was a real macho man who didn't get his sensitive son who loved to dance, sing and draw and maybe his dad wanted a son to go fishing and hunting with. 

He also tells how he almost became an alcoholic. He's one who likes to party and when he did he did it hard. Several times a week. These days he rarely drinks alcohol anymore. To help that decision is his diagnosed Horton syndrome, also known as suicide headache. Stress + alcohol can cause him to have a severe attack of that. 

The book is available from all major stores and makes highly entertaining read and lets us know a bit more why Jari is like he is, and what makes him such a star entertainer and success story. The limited edition of the book includes his new exclusive single Suurempaa (Bigger). 

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