Thursday, August 25, 2016


The 59th Castrocaro festival for the new voices and talents will be aired on Raiuno this Friday and Saturday. Once again it's a mix of total newcomers and some more seasoned artists trying their big breakthrough. Below you can have a taste of their voices with official videos, live performances or whatever they have on offer in Youtube. Enjoy!

Tomas Ray Tai (27)
Luce (Maria Luce Gamboni, 21)

Do you recognize the stars at their first steps to stardom?
Past winners include Gigliola Cinquetti (1963), Giusy Romeo aka Giuni Russo (1967), Carla Bissi aka Alice (1971), Michele Zarrillo (1979), Luca Barbarossa (1980), Zucchero Fornaciari (1981), Fiordaliso (1981), Donatella Milani (1982), Lena Biolcati (1984), Rosario Di Bella (1987), and more recently Davide Papasidero (2013). Winning Castrocaro pretty much opens the door to Sanremo and many artists have later triumphed or made a success there as well and launched their careers big time. Sometimes you get noticed without winning, like Iva Zanicchi (1962), Caterina Caselli (1963), Fiorella Mannoia (1968), Eros Ramazzotti (1981), Paolo Vallesi (1989) and Laura Pausini (1991) just to name a few.....
In the 2000's Castrocaro may have lost a bit of its charm and importance when various reality and talent shows have taken over television and music industry in general producing products, sorry I mean artists, whose best before date in most cases hits the moment the successor is selected,  but it's still here, and still having an importance. And sometimes artists move from talent to Castrocaro underlining the importance. Like Christian Riccetti and Luce who have already done Ti lascio una canzone, and Luce also did already The Voice. Rose Chiodo on the other hand has already won the prestigious Premio Mia Martini award....

Last year's winner Dalise went on to win also Festival della canzone Italiana in New York, and works a lot in Switzerland besides Italy these days. She also released a book of poems and a CD earlier this year.

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