Sunday, August 14, 2016


Maybe it's a miracle or a legenda, even a crisalide still in love with you but 
oh oh, uh, oh oh don't play that song again!

What's another year? Too long for the organizers of Eurostarz in Concert event in London's The Star of Kings, in King's Cross in London on August 25, 2016 as they are bringing some Eurovision stars together for some fun and entertaining evening. Nikki French will be hosting and performing with Valentina Monetta, Alex Larke of Electro Velvet, Karl William Lund and Martin Fitch aka Marcin Mrozinsky as guest star. 
It's a bit of a London affair as both Valentina and Martin these days have made London their home. Various ticket sets are available with VIP package including meet and greet with the stars, photos taken and some CDs as a bonus. More information here

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