Thursday, August 25, 2016


Odessa beach
Today the announcement of the host city got cancelled and postponed again. The fourth time I suppose, but who's counting? Anyways, until the fat lady aka EBU sings there's no official date or whatever but after today's failure to provide the news has angered the mayor of Dnipro first, and Kiev next. Odessa stays silent so far...
Anyways, the time is running out. That has been said loud and clear by both mayors in the past 24 hours to prepare and make it work as they want it. Later today we also found out that Dnipro shouldn't worry about that as apparently they are out of the race that is now between Kiev and Odessa alone. NTU director Alasania has stated it takes another week to value the bids of Odessa and Kiev and then we will have the final decision. 
This makes me think my initial idea from long ago that EBU wants it in Odessa, and now they are trying to make it work despite the missing roof and the tent city solution. Kiev came up with a better venue in later in the run, but the overall plan with that suitable venue in a wrong place in the city doesn't convince anyone so.... Jon Ola Sand (or someone) is feeling very much like Tim Gunn: "Make it work!"

As the decision is dragging on this blogger will just leave it and go on holidays. Automatic posts will give you company all through my holidays with some great music from somewhere I'm going to.... Have a great time whatever you do - I know I will! and see you live and on spot again sometime in September!

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