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Saba won the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2024 winning her ticket to Eurovision song contest 2024 with Sand. Over 600 submissions were made for the contest and DR also invited directly some acts for the selection. Eventually eight songs were chosen for the final with two voting rounds. Saba won the superfinal thanks to juries even if with televotes she was only third or last.

Saba or Anna Saba Lykke Oehlenschlæger (26) is a newcomer to the pop stardom, but she has already done career as model, singer and in music theater. She and her twin sister were adopted from Ethiopia at the age of 8 months and raised in Denmark. High school drop out the sisters went into teeth whitening business while her sister Andrea also pursued a career in singing and musical theater. Then Andrea got pregnant and Anna replaced her in musical Hair. The rest is history. 

Sand is Saba's debut single and recording. 

So, what do I think? First hearing left no impression but with further listening I have warmed up to this a lot. This is catchy and could be one of the surprises this season.
Our Home Jury also gave this in unison 5 to 8 points securing this is a pretty high final placement.

Saba - Sand
Basim - Johnny
Janus Wiberg - I need your love
Stella - Sign here
Chu Chu - The chase (Zoom zoom)
RoseeLu - Real love
Ublu - Planetary hearts
Aura Dione - Mirrorball of hope


1. Saba - Sand (jury 22 + televote 15) 37
2. Basim - Johnny  (15 + 19) 34
3. Janus Wiberg - I need your love (13 + 16) 29


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Update! Another thing got Swedes talking last night: Carola's boobs when she was giving away an award. This is not the first time her boombs cause headlines; her misfortunate adventures in the 80's in Japan wer explained with her boobs being too big for Japanese market. Ok.... Or was it the song ? Anyways, Carola apologies and says she thinks the dress is stylish and elegant (even her friends said so) and she's a mature woman in her 40s, not a 16-year-old girl and looks like one. The Swedish Oscars, Guldbagge awards were given out last night. Carola was there as a guest star to sing Barbra Streisand's The way we were when honoring the movie stars who passed away during 2012. However, the cameras were too much on Carola, not on the stars showed in photos in the background and that upset many viewers as that part of the show was to celebrate them, not Carola. Oh well...  The producer of the show tells in Aftonbladet the part of the show was made the sam


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Eurovision song contest 2005 winner Helena Paparizou has been enjoying Top-5 hits every year since 2003 with the exception of 2010 and 2014, this latest one being already her 27th! And Haide is charting also in Bulgaria and Finland, of all places. The catchiness of her hits has changed less over the years than her face....  Here's the English version , below the Greek version.