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There's pre-Käärijä and there's post-Käärijä and Finland is kinda having a post-Käärijä hangover now. Most everyone is complaining the songs aren't good. I always tell them go and check some other country's selection, Moldova for example and you see how great it is again. Seven songs, all good or very good in their own way. Maybe there isn't Cha cha cha in there but any song chosen will be better than quite a few others present in Malmö for sure. Then again, of course we want to find The One that would take us to final and do good. Only that we feel a bit spoiled right now. Still. 

The show takes us away from Helsinki or Turku to Tampere and for the first time to a big arena (that sold out within minutes btw! The hype is real). Tampere, the Eurovision wannabe city. Had Käärijä won the Eurovision 2024 would take place there in Tampere in this arena instead of Malmö. But that's life.

The show will be broascasted besides Yle1 television on their streaming channel Areena globally, on three different radio channels in Finland, And not only! Also Estonian TV3, Spanish TenTV and Dutch OutTv (commented by none other than Krista Siegfrids  and OutTv is visible in various countries). And there's a string of commentators in various languages: Finnish, Swedish, English, Ukrainian, Russian, Northern Sami and Inari Sami languages, and also both Finnish and Finland Swedish sign language. 

The voting will be 75% televote and 25% international jury. sara Siipola seems to be the one to beat, read more here

Exit poll run by various international fan sites gave this results: 1. Windows95man 123, 2. Sara Siipola 101, 3. Sexmane 71, 4. Cyan Kicks 43, 5. MGN 40, 6. Jesse Markin 18, 7. Sini Sabotage 15......

The opening number will be Kuumaa & Benjamin and the interval act by Käärijä & Erika Vikman. All of them previous UMK act who have got an amazing boost for their career from it.
The presenters are Benjamin, actress and comedian Pilvi Hämäläinen and ex-Miss Finland/tv-hostess Viivi Pumpanen. 

Here's the running order:

1. Sini Sabotage - Kuori mua
2. Cyan Kicks - Dancing with demons
3. Jesse Markin - Glow
4. Mikael Gabriel feat. nublu - Vox populi
5. Sara Siipola - Paskana
6. Sexmane - Mania
7. Windows95man feat. Henri Piispanen - No rules


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Małgorzata Jamroży aka Margaret has also been tipped for Eurovision and apparently she did turn it down but she'd be perfect. She's got a look and persona you can't unnotice nor forget, she's got hit songs, she has been voted or nominated for everything from Trendy artist to the Hope of the Year, Fashion Icon and Glamour Woman of the year besides the usual best video, song, album, debut..... Oh she's also a fashion designer! She's very clever with social medias and would surely use it to her advantage if selected for Stockholm 2016. Her debut album is titled Add the blonde , do we need to say more? Except it includes mostly Swedish written pop tunes like Tell me how are ya , Wasted , Start a fire and Heartbeat . And of course her debut single and internationally noticed Thank you very much that you can enjoy below with all its anti-textil feel. I think she's Eurovision perfection, she's cheeky and fun, can we have her?


Krista Siegfrids is delivering nice pop tunes one after another and this one is particularly catchy and soon you will be singing along..... Hopefully her Melodifestivalen entry will be equally good!


Today's funniest Eurovision related story comes from Belarus. Some sources claim Ivan wants to perform on stage naked and with live wolf or wolves. It surely would be a first on Eurovision stage! We have seen some forgotten underwear over the years, and some cardbox animals though..... Is it time to take things a bit further?  No, according the rules live animals are not allowed, and Eurovision being a family show nudity won't do either. (It seems to be ok to be half naked if you are a dancer though..... )

Regina Lund - naked and censored

Regina Lund's new video Jag är osynlig was censored by Youtube only minutes after it had been uploaded. In the video she was playing a female Jesus who gets crusified in the end. "I was shocked!" she says. "There's nothing more naked in it as in every church! It's ok to have naked man hanging on the wall but my nakedness is too much on internet? ". Oh well, no comment. She's prepairing a new album Dare Regina Lund and we of course remember her from her Melodifestivalen 2007 adventure with Rainbow star .


Update! Another thing got Swedes talking last night: Carola's boobs when she was giving away an award. This is not the first time her boombs cause headlines; her misfortunate adventures in the 80's in Japan wer explained with her boobs being too big for Japanese market. Ok.... Or was it the song ? Anyways, Carola apologies and says she thinks the dress is stylish and elegant (even her friends said so) and she's a mature woman in her 40s, not a 16-year-old girl and looks like one. The Swedish Oscars, Guldbagge awards were given out last night. Carola was there as a guest star to sing Barbra Streisand's The way we were when honoring the movie stars who passed away during 2012. However, the cameras were too much on Carola, not on the stars showed in photos in the background and that upset many viewers as that part of the show was to celebrate them, not Carola. Oh well...  The producer of the show tells in Aftonbladet the part of the show was made the sam


Serbian Bojana Stamenov hasn't been having beauty sleeps while prepairing for Vienna. She has just released a new proper video replacing the previous fans featuring beauty video , right after she has given us Spanish ( El mundo bajo mis pies ) and French ( Le monde est à moi ) versions of the song! And an Autobahn remix that is kinda fabulous! Busy girl! PS. I still think the original Ceo svet je moj takes the prize! Oh WAIT! There's yet another version: Die ganze Welt is mein ! And that's something else ....


 Loreen. A legend for some. A one hit wonder for most. Since winning Eurovision song contest 2012 with Euphoria she has released seven singles. None of them has left the mark really. Her third attempt in Melodifestivalen this year with Statements ended up in a real defeat.  Now she's ready to finally release her second album Nude in August. The lead single is Body . It's... well, like her previous stuff. Okeyish to listen to when it's on but completely forgettable once it's finished.... Pretendious comes to mind. But then maybe I just don't get her. Maybe I never did. Her fans are surely euphoric. Maybe.  Listen in Spotify

UK: Naked Blue

The boys of Blue have posed nude again. This time for the Attitude magazine's annual Naked issue and they are also in the cover. Watch the video of the shooting here . Band member Duncan, who is bi-sexual, recently told The Daily Star : “We are getting our kit off for Attitude magazine like the McFly boys did. I’m up for showing everything off. I’m happy enough about the size of my manhood. ” Extra media attention won't hurt their changes in Germany to win it for the UK for the first time since 1997... They will and they can!

Boobs for summer: Samantha vs Sabrina!

The old rivals have put their bras (or the lack of them) in peace and entered the studios together to record Blondie's boombastic Call me . Life could be worse.....