Thursday, August 28, 2014


Conchita Wurst started her press conference in Finland this afternoon - after posing for each and every photographer very kindly - stating she thought Finland was the clichè: Freezing cold. Instead the sun is shining and she loves it. It's her first time in Finland and the press conference in her hotel had also many journalists from Russia and Estonia attending.
She tells about her inspirations (Celine Dion and her parents among others) and her busy schedule since she won the Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen this May. It's like a hop on-hop off - today in Finland, tomorrow somewhere else. She doesn't really know any Finnish artists yet but tomorrow she will meet the top artists sharing the stage with her in Serena Pop & Rock Festival in Espoo and maybe she will be inspired by some of them, too... Then she is asked about her home life and she states home is where the wig is in the corner, where it's just Tom being lazy. And does she cook? No, she orders her food as she usually just doesn't have time to cook. But deep in her heart she is a good cook, she thinks. Bottomline: She doesn't cook.
She would really like to visit Russia and she has been invited but so far the arrangements haven't worked out. She also wishes to visit the United States of course. And Asia. Everywhere. The world. The talk continues with good and bad advices she has received over the years, fashion, the real story behind the imaginative person Conchita Wurst and mistakes she has made with the bio, her very supportive family, her favorite fragrances, her debut album in the making and how she's working on it, possibility of working with Celine Dion or meeting her, her status as a gay icon and role model, how overwhelming it is to realize every day again she actually did win Eurovision, the situation of LGBT people in Russia..... summing it up to Dare to find yourself! 
In the end she received a scrap book made of letters written by Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian fans of hers that she was very taken to receive and promised to read each and every of them.
Conchita once again proved to be the most well educated, well behaving, adorable, chatty and witty, kind celebrity around. Others should take example of her way of doing media.
You can watch the press confeence here. (If you can stand the countless ads.....)

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