Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Once again OGAE Finland is organising the Eurovision Cruise on September 6-7. This is already the 5th annual edition and the event gathered last year 2000 fans from Finland and abroad to enjoy among others Valentina Monetta, Krista Siegfrids and Marion Rung performing aboard. This time they have got Eurovision winner Charlotte Perrelli, Finland's entrants this year, Softengine, UK's 2000 entrant Nikki French to perform along with hosts CatCat! And there's more, check out the FB page for further information. 
But that's not all. The fun for fans starts already the night before (September 5) at Hercules with the 28th Eurovision Fanclub night (more info here). DJ Ohrmeister will be there and it's an excellent kick off to meet again your friends and enjoy some Eurovision. Before that there's a warm up dinner at Manala restaurant.
But there's still more. Before the real cruise on September 6 you can enjoy aboard m/s Emma some Helsinki sightseeing by the sea. You can also have lunch and mix with Eurovision friends and the bar is open, of course. (More info here). You can then continue directly to Tallink Silja and Tallinn.
And after the cruise it's been a habit to gather at Mann's Street, if you are still around, for the last Eurovision tunes and karaoke with friends in the after party
That's three days packed with Eurovision fun. If you haven't got better to do, come along!

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