Monday, August 18, 2014


Remember UMK 2013? Mikael Saari and his We should be trough finished second and was a huge fan favorite both home and abroad. Many were expecting an imminent album release and all that but now Mikael tells he was negotiating with several record companies but they all wanted him to sing in Finnish. He instead thinks he expresses himself better in English and so, nothing came of it.... "I can't write a kind of music the commercial companies are searching for" he states. For himself that is, he is more than willing to write pop songs in Finnish for other artists. But today he says in an interview by Etelä-Suomen Sanomat he's very happy with his life; he's finishing his studies by Christmas this year, he sings, performs, writes and is living his dream as he puts it. 
He has been doing musicals since UMK. He's headlining the new musical Poika Mancini in Oulu this fall. Earlier he was doing West Side Story and Pieni lemmenleikki (based on Eurovision songs) in Lahti, and Les Miserables in Tampere. Besides that he has written poems and plays, and this fall he will start rehearsing another musical play, Ikuisesti sinun, co-written by Kaisa Leppänen. On top of all that he has been involved with concerts based on songs by Kaj Chydenius.
While waiting for his break - that will surely come  sooner or later - to the record market, here's River, Sä oot kaunein to wet your appetite. 

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