Saturday, August 16, 2014


While I was holidaying Vienna and its Wiener Stadthalle was confirmed as the host city for the 2015 Eurovision song contest. And indeed it seems like a perfect fit. Vienna itself is more than suitable to host the 60th anniversary edition giving it maybe a bit imperial touch - the historic palaces and all that fabulous bling bling seems to be only 2-3 kms away from the venue. Sissi would approve I'm sure, Conchita for sure does. She thinks it'll be a bit over the top as Vienna is a bit over the top when needed. And with Eurovision over the top fabulousness goes very well! 
Wiener Stadhalle was designed by architect Roland Rainer, built in the 1950's and opened in 1958. It was expanded in 1974 with a public swimming pool - time will tell if that will be engaged with the Eurovision activities (foam party anyone?). The contest will take place in the D Hall but the complex includes various other halls of different sizes so it seems the press center (Halle F?) and the rest will be under the same room for a change. 
So far 25 countries have already confirmed their participation next year, including Cyprus that returns after one year's break. Also Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Serbia are expected to return while Turkey may or may not, and Israel is facing broadcaster problems when IBA shut down (but that didn't stop Greece this year, did it?). On the other hand Andorra, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Monaco and Slovakia are not coming back. 
EBU's Jan Ola Sand commented: "The Stadthalle is a very good choice for the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest – the venue has the space, capacity and know-how to run big events. Of course the contest is a very special event, but it seems to perfectly fit. We will have compact "games" with a good flow for artists, press and delegations." Sand added that he likes the venue being within the city very much as it is easily accessible by underground, tram and even by foot. And as most of the hotels will be in the city centre there will be short distances for everybody.

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