Saturday, December 21, 2013


San Marino's Eurovision 2014 entrant Valentina Monetta hinted something's going on yesterday on her Facebook and today we got this rather mysterious press release:

"Eurovision season is getting closer and Valentina Monetta has a special Christmas present for all Eurovision and her fans! 
Make sure to tune in on Christmas Eve 24.12.2013 in RTV San Marino's Christmas show Tombola di Natale at 20.45 CET. 
You can watch the show online here: 
Make your Christmas a bit more special with Valentina!"

Could it be that she presents her Eurovision 2014 entry a bit earlier than we thought?  It has been said earlier the entry will be presented in January but we know she has been in London studios to record her new album, due to be released in January as well. I guess we just have to skip Christmas Eve dinner and tune in to find out what she's got for us :-) Maybe it is what we all want to hear, and maybe it's not?! Hmm....

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