Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Tomorrow the 14 Big names will be announced live in TV news at 13.30 local time. The speculations are running wild as there are rumors of some very big names entering the race at very last minute. However, those who know usually have cut the list to 22, and it will be interesting to see tomorrow how right they are - who is among those eight left out, and if there will be names in outside the list?!
Out of the Eurovision veterans we have Alice, Raphael Gualazzi and Enrico Ruggeri listed. Besides them previous Sanremo winners include Alex Britti, Dolcenera and Antonio Maggio (of Newcomers), Francesco Renga and Ron (of Big). All are bringing two songs so there might be even guest artists for one of the songs, like Mietta is rumored as Renga's duet partner! Alex Britti is supposed to be in duet with Bianca Atzei while another duet is also listed: Violante Placido and Roberto Dell'Era. Sanremo was won in 1987 by a trio Morandi-Ruggeri-Tozzi and there could be another trio this time by the younger generation: Daniele Silvestri, Niccolò Fabi and Max Gazzé, all Sanremo veterans. Further we have the ladies Annalisa, Arisa, Giusy Ferreri and Noemi and the gents Frankie Hi-Nrg, Il Cile, Mango, Mondo Marcio, Nek, Giuliano Palma and Francesco Sarcina. Last but not least pop rock duo Zero Assoluto. The selected Big songs will be heard for the first time only during the Sanremo festival but meanwhile you can already enjoy the Newcomers selection songs here. And of these will be most likely the Italian entrant in Copenhagen 2014 Eurovision celebrting the 50th anniversary of the first Italian win with Gigliola Cinquetti - in Copenhagen of all places! Stay tuned for the news tomorrow!

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