Sunday, December 22, 2013


Sängyn reunalla ( At the edge of the bed) sits Mikko Pohjola. Originally from Oulu, now based in Helsinki this 22-year-old started making music to attract girls but since then he has already scored a radio hit with Kuuluuko, kuulen and after UMK 2014 he will surely become a household name. And not only, he wants his name known all over Europe as well!  He has also written his entry himself and it is from his second album he's recording at the moment. His influences include Michael Jackson, Finnish band Don Huonot and John Mayer. This is also one of the entries the judges disagreed a lot whether to add it to the top-12.
You can like him on his Facebook here, and vote for him in my poll on the right hand side. His other songs include Paikkani tiedän and Et nää.

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