Thursday, December 19, 2013


The Finnish Idols, season 7 just ended in Espoo's Barona Areena and the winner is 21-year-old Mitra Kaislaranta, who was since the very start this blogger's favorite, despite this season giving us several very good singers with their own styles and interesting personalities, but only one can win. As we remember Diandra Flores won season 6, and Hanna Pakarinen the very first one.
She beat Jospeh Miettinen in the final and one could say they were very different. Mitra has a fantastic voice and can make almost any song her own and comes across a bit mysterius and distant but giving her soul to each song at the same time. Joseph may lack in singing voice but makes it up as a real show man and security on stage. One can xpect both of them starting a succesful career...
Here are some Mitra's performances along the way: Maailma on sun, Sex on fire, I will always love you, Toinen and with Flute of Shame, Coming home. Her debut single is Äkkisyvää.
Joseph did along the way Toiset sällit, Dani California, Malja, Mitä minä sanoin with Pete Parkkonen, and This love.

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